Members have found many appropriate sources for parts and services and the list below shows some of them. The “banner” is shown with an adjacent list of what is offered for Feltham built Aston Martins.

The appropriate members code is shown below. Members of the AMF Club can contact these members to determine the provider’s worth.


Vetus Engineering

There are very few who actually manufacture parts for Feltham Aston Martins and Vetus is one of them.

All blocks are normalised by heat treatment after fettling and shot blasting. Furnace temperature is increased from 150°C to 580°C plus or minus 10°C at 100°C per hour and maintained for two hours. Cooling is at no more than 73°C per hour until cooled to 150°C.

Aston Service Dorset

With original tooling and the copyright on Feltham cars, obtained from the Aston Martin factory, ASD are a very useful source. Extensive parts inventory.

Four Ashes Garage

Provides restoration services as well as a good inventory of parts. Offers remanufactured DB 2/4 MkIII indicator/dip switch stalks

British Tools & Fasteners

Has an extensive range of BSF nuts, bolts and tools

BritSport of Seattle

Does high quality restoration of British cars. Not a very large inventory for Astons

Kevin Kay Restorations

Provides complete restoration and has good spare parts inventory.  Also provides some specialist parts refurbishing service

Lempert Wheels

Does nothing except steering wheels. Has lots of different woods to choose from

Tim Stamper Autorestoration

Specialises in Aston restoration and has extensive spares inventory

British Motor Service, Inc.

Apparently can supply head gaskets for 3 litre DB2 & 2/4 engines


Full servicing and race preparation.  Inventory of spares.  Complete restorations of Feltham cars

British Wiring Inc

Can supply most British car wiring looms including Feltham built Astons. Also “auto” wiring, connections, grommets and tools

White Post Restorations

Rebuilds master brake cylinders and wheel cylinders with brass sleeve inserts.
Lifetime warranty

Apple Hydraulics,Inc.

Rebuilds shock absorbers, brake & clutch cylinders (master, slave and wheel), carburettors (SU, Zenith, Stromberg)

Pamela David Enamels

Makes and restores enamel badges for motor cars

World Wide Import Auto Parts

Rebuilds shock absorbers.  Has small stock of similar parts. Lifetime warranty

Namrick Limited

Nuts, Bolts, Screws and washers by Worldwide Mail Order Service.  Established in 1980 to provide a fastener service to classic car restorers  Namrick can now supply the widest range of fasteners available by mail order.

Maxwell Enamels

Restores to concours 100 points emblems, badges, pins, fobs etc.  Complete metal and enamel restoration

David Cornwallis

Marles Steering Box Parts including P3688, P3689, P3690 and P3691.  Brand new boxes built to your specifications can also be undertaken, perhaps to replace a different box for which parts are no longer available.

Auto Electric Supplies

AES are the leading suppliers of auto electrical components and accessories for both modern and classic vehicles. If you are wiring or rewiring a vehicle, shop online or download a free AES catalogue and buy via mail order. We also have a French Website if that helps.

Amsteer Sales Limited

Offers tie rod ends for Astons, part number76935, as well as other steering and component parts.  This family business is mainly concerned with manufacturing steering and suspension parts for the classic car market.

Robush ltd

This company can supply front engine mounts that are identical to part number 55520.   But supplies are not always available because of a limited market.

Quys Coating 1, Inc

Provides full powder coating services including degreasing and sandblasting. Offers double coating for automotive parts.   Can accommodate chassis’ up to 18 feet.  Ceramic coatings in various colours are also available. Fast turnaround

Holesaws Unlimited Inc

Provides from a very large inventory of drill bits, augers, extractors and the like.  Stocks some of the very rare sizes and can get special sizes manufactured.  Excellent service

Metro Moulded Parts Inc

Offers some Feltham Aston rubber parts including spark plug boots, steering column dust seal as well as monogrammed pedal rubbers.  Excellent quality- boots are silicon rubber !

Aston Workshop

Has a small stock of DB2 parts.  Undertakes restoration of Aston Martins but not specialised in Feltham cars.

Speedy Cables London (Ltd)

Restores original Smith’s instruments as well as offering new gauges. Has a wide range of cables and associated hardware and offers custom manufacturing.

Rex J. Woodgate

Provides over 50 years of experience with race preparation, servicing and restoration of Astons and other marques.  Has a particularly interesting cam seal for the DB2 & DB 2/4 engines. 

Henderson Bearings

Provides a wide range of bearings including AM part numbers 119115 & 113414 required for the front torsion bas assembly at competitive prices.  Rapid response

Surplus Supplies

They have been buying up old stocks since 1980 thus gathering an incredibly extensive range of washers, nuts, screws, self-tappers, split pins, R clips, etc etc. All can be polished if required.

Stevson Motors

Specialist classic car hydraulic component manufacturers of brake pipe kits and hoses, fuel pipe kits and hoses, oil pressure gauge pipes and hoses. Factory trained reconditioners of classic & vintage Luvax, Girling & Armstrong lever arm and telescopic shock absorbers.

Ecurie Bertelli

For 23 years Morntane Engineering and now Ecurie Bertelli has maintained an international reputation for high quality restoration. With over 40 cars, from all over the world, having been restored since 1976, our experience with the marque is unique.   Visits during restorations are positively encouraged and photographic records are kept of every project.

Pulse Engineering Ltd

Manufactures many items using advanced 3D CAD/CAM and CNC precision machinery.  Offers high grade hubs for Feltham Astons made in High Tensile EN24T steel