This page does not connect to the newsletters because they are being sucked off the site and put on the Internet. Our newsletters are really intended for members – not that they are confidential. Copies of newsletters are available on request.

The Club brings out a Newsletter on an irregular schedule – just when there is enough content. Contributions are very welcome from members, suppliers and any accredited individual or organization. However, it must be related to Feltham Aston Martins or those made before 1960. There are many interesting stories out there – so let’s have them.

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The rebound rubber story
Autocar road test
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Making the marque
Sweat or not to sweat
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Blockley tyres
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Front suspension rebound rubber

Monumental disasterCourier charges
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SilentBloc engine front mount
O-rings for smith & Jaeger gauges
The improved radiator stay washer
DB2 owners may have a master brake cylinder problem.
The handbrake story and potential mishaps.
Recruiting members
The web site and its beauties.
The memory lingers on
Changes to the membership list.
Smith’s fuel tank senders
Lucas windscreen wiper motor grommet

Stamp this out
Wire wheels and tyres
Small mod for the RB 106 control box
Information on Lucas units
Useless web sites
Soundproofing – the final frontier
Selling your car
Those spare spare parts
Smeary windscreens
Car plate numbers
The dreaded windscreen wiper motor grommet
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The lapel pins
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So small and forgotten
Starting handle anyone
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Much appreciated help is here
Take a brake
Master brake cylinder adapter
Aluminium radiators
Looking for answers
Looking for more answers
The Burghley do 
Spare parts
Web site disasterSpark plug boots
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Good news – brake reservoir
SU carburettor filter

Further to our urethane grommet
Back on spare parts again
Aluminium radiators
The cold air vent lever knob

Our members take on manufacturing
Useful tip

From a down-under bloke
New Cinturato tyres
The Lucas DR1 saga continues

Club parts price list
Great expenditure
Aston Martin gathering
Sisters re-united
Alcohol free gasoline
The Farsley factory
Y ‘n Z’s yesterday parts – USA
Tip from a member.
But wait, there’s more !!
The grill badge problem solved – maybe

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Evan’s Waterless Engine Coolant
Blacking the brown
Radiator cap
Manual misprint
Zagato Aston
Vintage tyres
Nice warm woolies
Very interesting
Heater valve – again
Members wishing to sell
Windscreen washer bottle top

Oldtimer Markt
Put your car in the back garden
Alan Smith’s snubbers
The rod clamps
Replacing the water hoses
A Report from “All Aston Martin”
Polish and find Flaws
Seat it up
An interesting motor rebuild
Bounce back and smell the stink
A small request
The generator and it’s adjustment
Great opportunities with AMFC
Lapel and ashtray badges
Crash report

British patent 449,798
No excuse – just pretty
Member photo
Fan belt anybody?
Just so you know
An imposter surfaces again – (maybe)
Club officials
Member’s car identified
SU carburettors black or what?
Now that winter is here
Increasing membership
Badges – right or wrong
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It is the season to be merry

Black hearted carburettors
Lapel badge as ashtray badge
Lagonda and Aston Martin engines
Protocol for offering your car for sale
The Auto Crowd Group people
Parts development progress
The Australians are still looking
A special generator
Trinity Engineering – Aston Specialists
Tony Tocock’s article
Strange cam cover
Jaguar s-type steering

The Stainless Steel Pipes
It’s The Small Things That Count
Parts In Members Keeping
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Aston Martin Body Colours
Auto Crowd Rears its Head Again
Lexiphiles To The End
We Need Publicity
Images And Their Size
Brown On Tyres -Short But Sweet
The LML/50/26 Story
Following The Beat
We Go Nuts – And Washers
Visitor From Rochester
The Heater Pipe Saga

Noise Abatement
Old Factory Photo
The Forum For AMFC
The Spark Plug Boot Problem
Those Pesky Registration Numbers
Are You Restoring?
Membership, Membership, Membership
A Cunning Plan
Tickford Badges
Spring Is In The Air
Generated Part
A Member With Face
A Member Not In Need

Spring Was Here Now Summer
Tempus Fugit
The Last Post(Office)
Rotting Carcass
The Dudley Coram Book
Factory Photo
Our Light Is Under a Bushel
We Need Funds
The Oldest Car In The World
Who Owns?
Tool Roll
Advice From Paul Anderson
Quo Vadis

Gauges – Tach  Speedo
Quo Vadis
Aston Martin Board Members
Sculpture Automotive Style
Bill Jacobs Gaskets
Paul Hindle’s Newsletter Contribution
Tired of Tyres?
And This In From Mr Smith
Insurance By Paul
Feltham Are Under A Bushel

The “Invitation” Cards
AMOC Appoints New Judge
Club Progress
A Fleming Lemon
Tyred Of This Stuff
Are You Being Hosed? Submitted By Bill Jacobs
At Last A Valance
A Beauty For Sale
Hard Cold Cash – Empty Treasury
Concours d’Elegance ACP
The Bronte Affair
Parts For Sale

Glad This Is Hammered Out
Parts For Sale
Battery Dead And Recharging Thereof
Keeneland Concours d’Elegance
A Short Expedition Into History
So Yes, The Badges Are Still Available
While On The Subject of Badges
The PDC Heater Valve
Heater Pipes
The Seat Lever Brass Label
The Silence Is Deafening
The Next Super Aston

Broadcasting to the Membership
Cars Revealed
Appearance of Ghosts
This from a Member
How About This Cut
Welding on a Nut to Remove Broken Stud
Restore or Not to Restore
Lockheed Hydraulic Brake System
Get a Cuban Anybody – Oh! Banned in the USA?
Parts for Sale
Parts Bin
Resurrection of the Heater Valve
The Invitation Cards

But I am going Spare
To restore or not to restore
A Buck for your Thoughts
Recovery of a Gem
Another lost and Found
Member’s Car for Sale
The British Car Day at Bronte
A Wheel is Wanted
The meaning of “Off”
Just filler Stuff – Photos of my MkII

Buddy do you have a Buck to Spare
End of the Sale
Just a very Nice Picture
Sweatshirt Saga
A one time Blast
Maybe this is the Feltham Bible
While on the subject of Available Information
Aston lands best of the Show
An Aston too Far
AMFC is going Spare
Sheer stupidity
The Aston that can’t be Killed
Just a Tale of Woe
Club Comparison
Member’s Car for Sale
Mazda 3 Mind Boggling Breakthrough

Dealers who Received Cards
Parts for Sale
Parts, Parts and Parts
Stamping Ground
Spam – The Dreaded Scourge of Internet
Bashed-A-Bit Bonnet
The Dudley Coram Book
Interesting Supplier
Installing the Grille Badge
Give Anne-Marie a Hand
Not very Good Indicators
The DB2 Rear Window Saga

A Project too Far
The Massive Invitation Card Endeavour
Gadzooks a New Engine
Get Badgered
Get Grilled
Get Restoring
Manual Labour
Roll On or Roll Up
While on Restoration
Membership List
Inter-Membership Communication
Alexa Harnett
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OMG – A New ‘Original’ Grille

Rubber Bits
Keeper of the Scrolls
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What Price a Bonnet
An Excuse is Made
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The British Transportation Museum
Worth Watching – Especially for MkIII Owners
Spares Offered by our Member

DB2 Owners may have a Master Brake Cylinder Problem
Give me a Brake
You’ve been Spotted Dick
The Aston Martin Headlam Coupe
What a Lot we’ve Got
Sound Advice
 A Thought
Newsletter Shortages and Restoration Tales
Newsletter Humour
Splendid Display
Another Display
And yet Another Display
Paint Chat from Ferruccio
Winter Storage and Fuel Additives Rip Offs
Wither Goest Thou?
Neat ‘Weber’ Throttle Bodies
PDC Water Heater Valves
Jochem Schmidke’s Progress

Paul Brunet Summer Driving
The Bond Car
You can have a ‘Bond DB5’ car for a Mere £3.3m
Interesting Site
A Special Announcement
More than just an Oily Rag
A Concern
And Now to a Labour Saving Device
Spares and Stuff
Parts and Services
Searchable PDF Parts Catalog
Cleanup MkII Wiring Daigram

A Most Interesting Project
Old Pictures are always Great
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The Aston Martin Feltham Club

Tyres Courtesy of Longstone Tyres UK
Beverly Hills Car Club
What a Beautiful Sight
What was Your Birthday Car
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Strange but True

The Chairman’s Chariot
A True Nut Case Part 2
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