Longstone Classic Tyres

Holds a larger stock of tyres to suit a wide range of classic cars and provides excellent advice on what tyres should be suitable for what models. Is also a supplier of the iconic Borrani wheels including the spoked variety. Ships all over the world at reasonable rates.

Steel Wings

Founded in 1990 by Lance Evans.  In 2000 Jon Clerk joined Lance in partnership.  They and the team have enjoyed overwhelming success in world class restoration of Astons and other marques.  For the past decade they have been leaders in Aston Martin racing and Aston Martin parts in the United States

The Green Spark Plug Co

Offers a variety of parts including SU, fuel pumps, fuel filters, spark plugs and accessories, contact sets, switches, wiring , coils, ignition leads, ignition tools and more. A Club discount is in place -enquire for code

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