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These photos have been pulled off the Internet and have no purpose other than to show various aspects of the Feltham cars.
For those undertaking restoration they do provide some idea of what different colours do to these vehicles.   If you have
any photos you would like to display here then send them to AMFClub.   But please note they should be of Feltham built
Aston Martin cars and not of anything else.  For instance, photos of you new puppy are not acceptable no matter how cute it is.


This is the dash of a left hand drive 1954 DB 2/4   Note correct traffic indicator switch


This is the dash of a 1957 DB 2/4 MkIII        

  Bonnet up on a DB 2/4 MkI


Gorgeous interior of a DB 2/4 MKI with original steering wheel.                                                     

Very eye catching blue on this DB 2/4 MkI



Nice two tone coupe DB 2/4 MkII on the right.


And also a very nice DB 2/4 MkII fixed head coupe on the left - Tickford of course


A 1954 DB 2/4 MkI engine.



Very sharp looking DB MkII in red.  
This interior is just about perfect with an original looking steering wheel and correct window and door handles.

On the right above is the rear view of an open hatch.  Aston was the first car to have this feature apparently.


And on the right.......

Nice, nice, nice.   MkII looks very classic in dark blue

An unusual colour for a DB 2/4 MkI - and very nice too.   On the right a nice engine but with non original exhaust manifolds.  Sometimes it can be difficult to find original like the exhaust manifold for a restoration.   Replacing such an important car part should always be a priority due to evironmental and passenger safety concerns.