Remember there are;

no fees
            no officials
            no meetings
            no rules, except being polite and acting like gentlemen
            no events, except if you want to organise one
            no forum, just use emails or the postal services
            no affiliation to any other club
            no geographical restrictions

            no members without a Feltham built Aston

The Club publishes a members list which is sent to every member.  This list is NOT to be given to people outside the Club.
To join you need to give the following information


Full Name –
Model(s) & Serial number(s) -
Email Address -
Phone number(s) -
Location – full address not required – just village/town/city and province/state

Condition - use such terms as …

Basket case
Under restoration
Completely restored
Modified restoration


Car in bits
Bits going together now
All bits together and running
All bits together to a high standard
Restored but not to original –
for example different motor               
Car drivable but not restored. Must be road legal
Completely restored to original

There is a well established (I have been a member for over 16 years) free service for anyone interested in Astons. It provides the ability to reach fellow enthusiasts.  It is completely confidential.  When you join the “list” your email address is added to a list that is kept by the service Members NEVER get given the list.  A member can send an email to a general address, for Astons it is  What the system does is send your email, which may be a plea for a part for instance, to all the people on the list.  Then if anyone wants to reply they do so by using the “list” address – Thus, if required there is complete anonymity if desired.  If you want to be added to this highly useful service please give the email you wish to use for the “list” and I will add you. Give this info to your friends who may like Astons but not eligible for the AMF Club.