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                                                Founded in 2010 and restricted to owners of pre-Feltham and Feltham built Aston Martins

The Aston Martin Feltham club is specifically for owners of the Aston Martins made in the Feltham factory as well as earlier models.  The purpose is to exchange information and discuss issues that relate to these models.  The Club also maintains a list of alternate sources for parts as well as members submissions on part sources, maintenance and repair subjects.   Members can exchange emails related to any subject and this has resulted in solving several problems associated with restoration. 

There are no dues but donations are most appreciated as there are Club expenses.  There are no meetings, no club events, no rules except the normal social ones, no obligations but there is the occasional newsletter.   There is no forum, no adjudicator nor moderator – just interchanges using member’s email addresses.  Membership includes owners from  Australia, Austria,  Belgium, Canada,  France, Germany, Hawaii, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, and USA.

If you are an owner of one of the models from Feltham and you wish to join this used-to-be-little enthusiastic band, then click here on Membership  - or just email us.  
If you are not an owner of one of the models then please enjoy the site and enquiries will be answered time permitting.

If you are interested in Aston Martins but do not own one of the Feltham cars then we recommend you go to  This is FREE service that allows you to correspond with other similar enthusiasts.  It is incredibly easy to use.  Another recommendation is the Aston Martin Owners Club at  Another site is because Lagonda used some of the same parts.  There is a wealth of information on an incredible site at - highly recommended and a must for the serious Feltham car owner.
This world wide club has no affiliation with any other organisation.   
Be careful of web sites that claim the identity of "Aston Martin Feltham Club" - Imitation is the highest form of flattery.
If you know of any owners of Feltham, pre-Feltham or Farsley built cars or any built prior to 1960 then please contact us.






Valuable information on different matters submitted by members and technically proficient suppliers

General pictures of Feltham cars

Suppliers used by Members

Auction sales prices from 2011 to date.  Updated 1st June 2018

Interesting but not specifically for Feltham models

We always welcome any emails


This gives member's prices for parts manufactured for Feltham cars.  Non-members, Club and trade prices available on request



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